RealMatch’s recruitment ad network - TheJobNetwork™, reaches over 100 million active and passive job seekers monthly through the hundreds of job sites RealMatch powers for newspapers, trade publishers, broadcast media organizations, associations and job boards, and through distribution agreements representing more than one thousand niche job sites, paid job boards, job aggregators, job search engines, and social networks. When a job is posted on TheJobNetwork, it is posted on relevant sites on the network and matched in real-time with TheJobNetwork™’s vast resume database for maximum exposure and reach.

TheJobNetwork™ is built on RealMatch’s advanced Real-Time Job Matching™ technology and ad targeting and optimization campaign management that provide employers with significantly greater reach and more qualified responses compared to the leading national job boards. Real-Time Job Matching™ is based on proprietary taxonomy and contextual algorithms developed by RealMatch that use skills, preferences, and job requirements from both the employer and the job seeker to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process.

You will find examples of sites that make up TheJobNetwork™ below, listed by category of job site.