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Our mission is to create a platform that provides employers and job seekers a better way to connect. Like a fingerprint, every working person has acquired a unique set of skills from a variety of jobs and careers. Realmatch has changed the landscape of online recruitment by introducing Real-Time Job Matching ™, a technology that allows employers and job seekers to specifically define themselves, their needs and their preferences. By utilizing Realmatch’s taxonomy of titles and skills, keyword search technology is eliminated from the process and job seekers and employers can be precisely matched. Whether white collar, blue collar or no collar, Realmatch more efficiently connects employers and job seekers.

In addition to technology, Realmatch differentiates itself for employers by allowing hourly and salaried jobs to be posted across the Realmatch network free of charge. Instead, Realmatch charges employers and recruiters a Resume viewing fee when and if they decide to open the resume of a matching and interested candidate. By allowing employers to post for free, Realmatch has removed the financial risk associated with typical “pay, post and pray” job boards. By removing the pay barrier, Realmatch has exponentially increased the number of jobs available to be seen and matched with.

There are thousands of job boards on the Web today but only a few are connected. This has created a fragmented environment where job seekers and employers have trouble connecting. RealMatch developed a unique, Internet- delivered software product that completely changes this situation. Instead of a single closed off website that offers limited exposure to candidates and employers, Realmatch powers and is directly connected to a powerful network of sites which are visited by millions of users. Realmatch powers the job channels of these network sites including newspapers, ISP’s, portals, search engines, industry associations and various resource sites for professionals. Matches are made across the entire network so the law of large numbers works more efficiently for everyone. When job seekers and employers connect, value is created which is shared across the network - a win-win-win.

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